Kids Care

In 2018, a structured children’s program was put in place to run on a Sunday morning during the school holidays. While attending Kids Care is not compulsory and children are welcome to stay in the service with their parents, this program is available for all aged 2 to Year 6. While this is a wide age range to cater for, additional helpers assist in the classroom and children are broken up into different age groups when necessary. Kids Care includes singing, a Bible story and/or discussion, games and craft. The morning is finished off with a light morning tea and parents need only sign the children out from 11:15am, allowing them some quality time for their own conversation over a cuppa without needing to supervise their kids.

Kids Care is run by a team of experienced, passionate and enthusiastic volunteer teachers and helpers who all have a WWCC and have undergone Creating Safe Spaces training. They delight in seeing children grow and develop in their knowledge and understanding of how precious they are to their heavenly Father. This nurturing environment has seen children grow in confidence, develop strong friendships and know that they are valued members of the church family.

The 2018 program looked at various “Heroes of the Bible”, investigating how the different characters listened, trusted and obeyed God as well as building an understanding of what it means to have faith. During the first half of 2019 this concept was taken a step further, looking at how that faith leads to salvation and relationship with God. The topic of salvation was explored through the use of the “Two Ways to Live” tract, providing the children with the visual tools and words to clearly understand and explain the gospel and how to be welcomed into God’s Kingdom. In the second half of 2019, the children will be learning all the aspects related to prayer by working through Nancy Guthrie’s book “What Every Child Should Know About Prayer”, further developing the meaning of being in relationship with God.

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