Anton Zang & Ni Du

Anton Zang & Ni Du

Serving: Papua New Guinea

Ministry: Anton Zhang & Ni Du met online during the COVID pandemic. They soon discovered that they shared a deep connection and the same understanding of what it means to live a good life - and so they got married.

Anton is an ABC (Australian-born Chinese) hailing from the south-west suburbs of Sydney. As a child Anton was dragged (sometimes reluctantly) to church, but by the beginning of high school he had made a personal commitment to follow Jesus and was baptised in Year 7.

Ni, who comes from Chongqing, China, grew up without hearing about the gospel of Jesus. One day, while Ni was studying at a university in China, an American international student asked her: “What do you believe in?” From that simple question, Ni began her journey to God and now walks with Him.

Together, Anton and Ni desire to glorify God with all that they have. Anton’s high school dream was to become a fighter pilot, but God had different plans. Anton is now using his passion for aviation to bring help to remote indigenous communities in Arnhem Land. Ni studied to become a lawyer but meeting some children from a remote mountain village in China changed her perspective and inspired her to work with young people. She is now using her skills as an educator to serve the local community on the Gove Peninsula.

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